Case Study: An effective solution to the problem of secure online purchases

Daria Bulatovych
19 June 2018

Have you ever speculated on your online payment security? That is a pressing issue since cybercriminals have significantly intensified the existing problems of cybersecurity. Hence, purchasers risk their payment card data as it may be stolen when shopping on the Internet.

Unfortunately, the number of security breaches is increasing essentially from year to year, and the business field has been the most sensitive.

It is worthwhile to say that 2017 turned out to be a record-setting year for the number of incidents and data breaches in the USA alone according to the ITRC’s Annual Report. ITRC counted 1,579 breaches, which is 45% more than in the previous year. All the breaches struck the business industry most. The banking/credit/financial sector totals 9% of the overall volume with the number of “data ruptures” of 134. These breaches in information security place individual buyers in a dangerous position, putting them at the risk of privacy compromise and identity theft.

Luckily, there is a solution to the problem of online payment security and this solution is a virtual payment card. Its use reduces the risk of electronic purchases through offering a one-time virtual card number which is generated for a particular purchase. It is much more secure than plastic cards, particularly for online transactions.

The background of Token App

One day an American-Israeli collaborative enterprise came up with an idea which they subsequently implemented. Then they asked us to adapt their existing iOS-application for Android.

Since the application became successful, the satisfied client came back to us in order to develop all-new versions for iOS and Android with new UX.

The client wanted us to utilize the most native solutions and platform guidelines so that a user could have as usable and convenient new application platform as possible.

It is significant to note that our part of the work was only Front-End Development as it was the customer request.

How we developed the application

We resorted to the most progressive frameworks and approaches along with the traditional principles of Android application development. This allowed us to create an application which can be supplemented with new features and has good code readability.

According to iOS HIG and Google Material Design elements enabled us to design the application having a convenient and aesthetic user interface.

The core of Token App

Token App is a service that enables a user to create virtual cards which veil the real user’s name to carry out safe purchases. The existing bank card or account is added to the system.

After that, a single-use virtual payment card appears, which allows a user to hide their identity. The main functionality was borrowed from the existing iOS-application and adapted to Android.

Token App can be used with:

… Any e-commerce website
Your local Pizzeria
And many more!

The advantages of Token App payments:


Since a virtual card number hides the buyer’s identity, this number is impossible to trace back to the original account or sensitive information related to the buyer.

It lessens the risk of data breaches by assuring that there is no need for banking data to be shared between the purchaser and vendor.

The application also allows to hide the generated card data with the help of a pin or fingerprint technology;


A user is able to create a virtual card for any payment and freeze or cancel it at any moment;

Cost saving

This kind of payments is cheaper than checks and classical plastic card transactions.

There are no handling costs related to issuing or maintaining usual credit cards. Additionally, suppliers benefit from much faster payments.

We would like to thank our client for being very attentive to our opinion and suggestions and trying to reach compromise. That was very helpful for creating the effective application. The Token App product is being constantly improved and developed by our team as there is no limit to perfection.

We are glad to be of help to protect our client’s online payments with the state-of-the-art virtual cards which can be widely utilized to buy anything via the Internet.

Do you have any business concept or idea for implementation?

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The End