Case Study: One of our success stories on improving a major Canadian company’s business workflow

Daria Bulatovych
25 May 2018

Since we have extensive experience gained through providing services to giants as Soft Computer and NEC, we are always willing to use our expertise for solving challenges.

One day the largest wholesale distributor of jewelry in North America requested our consultation. This is a Canadian company specializing in distribution of their goods through the partners’ network. The company is offering a list of jewels and providing an opportunity of jewelry sale through the networks of major retailers by means of API. It is worthy to mention that this company also has their own ERP.

What objective was set

This customer asked us to finalize their existing system and support the functionality they already had. Also, the client wanted us to consult and oversee the employees in addition to providing them with technical support.

How we came to understanding of the logic of the implementation

Firstly, we compiled initial documentation regarding the project and described all the basic and auxiliary business processes. Then we met with the representatives of the company in person to discuss plans for the development.

What Delmar is and how it operates

Delmar warehouse system is an open source ERP system which has been finalized and is being technically supported by our professionals. Our main job is to connect retailers, warehouse employees and suppliers. We automate their interaction thereby reducing waiting time.

We work with Delmar’s customers by means of API. It is important to note that we can use our own API or adapt to customers’ API solutions if desired, thus providing them with the utmost in comfort.

Talking about suppliers, we have an online WEB system that communicates with Delmar’s catalogue. This system is intended to send and receive supplier’s goods in a mutually-convenient way.

The final phase of Delmar’s operation with customers and suppliers is the dispatch of goods supported by accompanying documents which are printed and branded in our system.

What abilities for all the parties in the system are

Customers’ (retailers’) ability:

Delmar’s customers can state their requirements concerning documentation which Delmar shares with them and the file format of this documentation.

In order to meet customers’ needs of file exchange and printing documents, Delmar integrates external API or uses the own API to integrate it into Delmar system.

Suppliers’ ability:

Suppliers are able to prepare goods for sending and to print reporting documentation.

Delmar’s employees can carry out the following actions:
  • Preparing a parcel with goods for sending;
  • Generating data on goods for customers (data feed);
  • Working with financial documents;
  • Providing full warehouse automatization (for example, automatic printing of packing lists grouped by customers; the process takes place at night for customers’ comfort)

A unique Delmar’s feature

We are not only providing integration but adapting to integration with any type of a customer’s API on request.

What functions are currently being performed by us in the system

Our highest priorities in the project are new APIs integration for Delmar, improvement of the web-system for suppliers, automation of the purchase returns processes and giving support during our client’s business hours to maintain their satisfaction.

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The End