How we developed a helpful application for English language learners

Daria Bulatovych
12 April 2018

There is no need to say that the demand for the English language is constantly growing. The variety of IT solutions for learning English is dizzying, and the question is which one to choose in order to succeed in mastering the language.

Once an American company applied to us with a ready-made idea, requirements, and technology which allows to align the text of a book with its narrated audio for simultaneous reading and listening. Based on this technology, we created an application with dozens of books and also supplemented the client’s requirements and realized them.

What WholeReader is

WholeReader is a unique “smart” ebook provided with integrated tools designed to facilitate the process of reading and studying of classic literature with an opportunity for a User to choose different levels of difficulty. The platform includes the tools for independent study and teacher-coordinated classroom study. There is an opportunity to connect Google Analytics with the Corporate Website to monitor User activity.

It is important to note that WholeReader is a cross-platform mobile application available for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and Linux. This application allows fast synchronizing of the data between different devices on which the application is installed. The key benefit of such approach is that on the base of one core source code of the application, there’s an opportunity to realize a few applications for learning languages. What is more, each of the applications is cross-platform, which means that it is working under different operating systems.

What the purpose of WholeReader is

There is a common point of view among teachers that the study of great literature is the approach to students’ involvement in the most important philosophical discussions of life in addition to forming the deep awareness of correct grammar and enriching vocabulary.

The purpose of WholeReader is to promote liberal education through bridging the existing gap between students’ aspiration formation for education and difficult but still valuable literature.

What general user abilities in the system are

By use of WholeReader, students can read and listen to many popular classic books. All the texts are narrated by different native speakers. The audio and texts are perfectly synchronized so it’s easy to read and listen to material at the same time.

New comprehensive built-in online and offline dictionaries help understand the meaning of each word and add new words to the integrated TOEFL & SAT vocabulary flashcards for further practice.

Furthermore, any User can participate in the course of study to access editor’s materials added to the book and obtain recommendations from a teacher during the education period.

We are constantly working on the implementation of the simple and clear interface of the application. By choosing any book from the library, a User can view the author’s name, duration, level of the language and familiarize oneself with a short description of the book.

Then they can download or just play the text after a fast loading. It is important to mention that the application has an offline mode allowing Users to read and listen to books without Internet access.

While synchronizing reading and listening to the contents of the book, a User can pause at any time, replay the needed part of the text as well as choose the necessary part as each work of literature is divided into paragraphs. These paragraphs can be listened and read independently and in any order.

Main Features of the application:

A User has an ability to create notes in a book categorizing them by types including User’s own types of notes;

Offline mode ensures the full functionality without Internet access;

There is a powerful search tool, called Elastic Search, throughout the library in the application;

The application allows to regulate the speed of the listened audio;

WholeReader supports three modes which are the day, night and sepia modes;

The application provides Users with an opportunity to adjust the size and background of the text of the book including the mode for people with dyslexia;

The system informs a User about any changes and updates in the library;

Convenient navigation allows to continue reading any book almost immediately;

The already implemented feature called “Reading Bar” focuses a User on the line they are reading which is especially useful for those who learn the language;

There is an opportunity for a reader to accurately find any book in the library with the help of the advanced filtration system

The new function “P2P” will provide Users with an ability to automatically share books via the local network without Internet access;

The new feature “Compilations” will allow Users to create the list of citations and listen to them separately from the book in the future;

“Progress Bar” helps a User to track the real progress on reading each book;

The function “Activity Report” is accessible to both a User and a Teacher, and it gives an opportunity to track the general student’s reading progress during their course of study.

Immersive reading (text with audio) is the most powerful form of language self-study, and we are glad to deploy our knowledge and experience to develop a useful, as well as, simple tool for those who are on the way of mastering English.

The work on WholeReader is proceeding. We keep implementing our client’s requirements and also improving the existing features. It’s important to mention that the library of the application is going to contain hundreds of books in the near future.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in realization of your own business idea.

The End