Product Catalog: develop individual online system for Delmar Backend Product Catalog Team and external suppliers for processing Delmar’ purchase orders. External API integrations: prepare solutions for different type of customers , having their own API, that let Delmar to distribute items from their Product catalog (sending inventory),get the orders Open Oddo ERP: Prepare customized ERP portal is entire platform for having Delmar sales,purchase orders (ETL process with Product Catalog), warehouse management, accounting , reports in one place


This is an open ERP Portal, has been integrating and supporting for 5 years. System includes many customer API integrations that let: – send inventory – Get orders ,cancels ,returns – Send shipping confirmation and invoices System provides to the Delmar’ employees such features, as – Sale’ s procession and delivery – Printing packing documentation – Warehouse management – Reporting 3rd party integrated shipping software lets automatically to receive suitable, cheapest method of delivery Product catalog is good organized , quickly launching and satisfying employees needs. It provides best performance of search, filtering products with set’s of prepared and customized filters. Delmar employee is able to observe item’s attributes, create purchase orders , follow to history of sales and purchases Delmar supplier is able to process order in suitable for both , supplier and Delmar, structure. Order automatically comes to the Delmar system then


Having such complicated system, it’s required to have support and development teams. Support team ensures Delmar’s support at night because of time zones. Team’s responsibilities are solving frequen issues by means of ERP administrative interface, small adjustments of code and database, Unix servers’ administration Development team provides best solutions for business with full development life cycle – coding, testing and deployment. It requires such stack of technologies : Python , PHP , JS scripts ,RabbitMQ for ERP Portal JasperServer , Postgre SQL , MS SQL for reporting October CMS, Elastic search engine, Ember JS, Laravel for product catalog