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Technology paperless patient history


Hightest priority objectives of the system development and implementation were: – Optimization of the basic processes of all services – Minimization of costs for the purchase and modernization of hardware – The maximum possible use of the existing hospital computer park


Multidisciplinary health care setting with the largest branch network approached us with the task to develop a single information system with the integration of all services and departments. The prevailing trend in the work of the institutions is to provide specialized surgical care. In the structure, in addition to the hospital, there is a unit to provide both outpatient and emergency care. The number of patients per year – more than 150 000 people.


To understand the logic of the application and discuss its details within the team, we did small prototype with screens schemes. With the prototype we have a general vision of the steps in the process are divided. Design, development, writing documentation and testing, we have organized this way to parallelize processes and reduce the time of creating the application.