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Tablet APP


Our task was to make a site that would not be similar to other websites of the windows manufacturer, equally comfortable and pleasant for the customers of windows and window suppliers, and to make as simple as possible and clear scheme of the service: a request from the client – multiple offers from suppliers .


ONLINE-OKNA – is all-Ukrainian service of the order window. The purpose of the startup in the organization of the tender area where the end user, the customer in response to its request, will be able to get a lot of offers from suppliers of windows-site partners. The uniqueness of the service is the huge selection that gets the customer, and better control over the terms of the deal, than in finding and ordering of windows by conventional methods (eg, newspaper advertisements).


To understand the logic of the application and discuss its details within the team, we did small prototype with screens schemes. With the prototype we have a general vision of the steps in the process are divided. Design, development, writing documentation and testing, we have organized this way to parallelize processes and reduce the time of creating the application