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Token App

(Android Version)


To adapt existing iOS application for Android together with adding new functionality. The customer asked us to use the most native solutions and platform guidelines, so that the user could use the application on the new platform as usable and convenient as possible.


Token App is an application that allows you to create virtual cards in order to carry out safe purchases in the future. The main functionality was taken from the existing iOS-application and adopted to Android UX guidelines. There were situations when some decisions (in our opinion) could be improved and made more understandable. It was very pleasant to work together with the client, because he always listened to our views and always managed to find a compromise, so that the result was a benefit to both the client and the users of the application.


We used the most advanced frameworks and approaches in combination with the classical principles of Android application development. This made it possible to get an easily expandable application with good code readability. Material Design elements allowed us to make the application with a convenient and beautiful user interface.