/ Dedicated team Model

Let’s figure out if this business model fits you in case you’re going to cooperate with an outsourcing company.
The best option is to get to know the advantages of choosing Dedicated team approach.
There are a lot of advantages of the Dedicated Team Model:
Total monitoring the selection, management, and motivation of the team members;
Ability to start developing without a long planning stage;
Daily discussion and applying management web tools, e.g.
Slack,, Skype etc;
Variation of requests can be made at any time, and in addition workload and scope are not limited;
Agile approach, totally predictable payment and budget monitoring;
The customer’s ability to deal with the client-oriented external team as with the main staff;
The team unity and sustainability;
Transmission of the project data and understanding the customer’s business sphere.
While dedicated professionals are working for a customer, they are gaining deep perception of client’s needs and the ultimate goal;
For short-term projects with the well-defined scope of work, it’s better to use the Fixed Price Model.

If you aren’t sure yet what business approach to choose in order to cooperate with us, please check out the features of the Fixed Price Model.

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