/ Fixed price Model

As you are reading this information, you might be interested in building outsource business
relationship and you are willing to figure out if Fixed price approach is suitable for your company.
The best option to get to know this is to check out the benefits of this approach.
Advantages of the Fixed Price Model:
Well suited for small and medium level projects with clearly defined specifications and neat deliverables from the beginning.
Payment and timeframe are defined before getting down to work on the project.
Only little supervision is required from the customer, all requests are determined beforehand.
All we need from our client is a clear-cut specification and wireframes, and then we will be able to
get down to business.

If you suspect Fixed Price Model isn’t your cup of tea, please look through the Dedicated Team Model
which is the best variant for long-term projects if there’s a lack of well-defined scope of work.

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