/ Outsourcing Model

PhaseWork & ActivityDeliverables
RequirementsRequirement understanding Define Project Scope architecture understanding point critical issueProject Proposal SRS Feature Estimation Project Plan System Architecture
Design Documents creationDevelop Design SchemaDesign Application StructureDesign Database DiagramCreate detailed project planDesign Document system architecture QA Plan
Development/Unit testingModule wise coding Unit Testing overall development Test case development
Test Plan Code Review ReportCode Walkthrough Review System Test Cases
Staging Server testing(Client end)Unit TestingСlient testing reportPrioritize clients new requirement after testing
System testing/IntegrationBug Fixing CR(Change request) review Update test cases Update Design DocumentTest Plan Test Cases Test Log sheet Approved Change Requests Updated Design Document
Acceptance/Release to ProductionVerify Acceptance criteria CR review User Training Development of User ManualsSign Off on Acceptance List of QA bugs User Manuals Installation/Release Notes

Project-based outsourcing is the best option for clients who plan long-term ongoing projects but are missing specific skills critical to project success, or where long-term investments into facilities and teams are not an option. We take operational control over the development process so the client can focus on their project vision and business strategy.

ISDD offers IT Outsourcing,
support of it infrastucture & IT Services including
Software design
Software development
Website development
Mobile application development
Startup development and creation
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