WeAreDevelopers 2018: short review, impressions, conclusions

Daria Bulatovych
12 June 2018

“People. Code. Future” is the motto of this year’s Conference “WeAreDevelopers”. It was devoted to the most wanted people of today – developers, code and the brilliant knowledge and ideas to build the best future for humanity. 8000 participants from 70 countries gathered under one roof to get to know each other, share experience and best practices at the largest European developer congress of 2018.

Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple Computer Inc.), Kaz Sato (Google), Angie Jones (Twitter), Joseph Sirosh (Microsoft) along with other reputable speakers went to Vienna to give their speeches on new, valuable topics in technology. Some of the most discussed topics were Server-Side Technologies, AI, IOT, Reactive Web, Machine Learning, QA, and Security, etc.

The congress in its fourth edition exceeded all possible expectations of European developer’s field. It took place in Austria’s capital on 16-18 May 2018. “WeAreDevelopers” once more, showed that they are one of the most significant communities for developers and for the overall ICT sector development in general. As our team was among those present at the conference, we are happy to share our impressions of it.

Since the congress lasted for 3 days, let’s pay attention to what was really special and essential about the event.

DAY 1 – Woz as the impersonation of undoubted success

Steve Wozniak, well-known as simply Woz, no doubt was a “special guest star” at the conference with his keynote speech. He was introduced as an innovator, “who stepped away from Apple’s operations in 1985, which was before some of you were born.”

Woz discoursed of concepts such as Artificial Intelligence and the blockchain. He also mentioned his own academy and explained why he is quitting Facebook. Steve said he didn’t know his 5000 “friends” in person and that in his opinion likes should be private and “this interaction should not be sold to advertisers”.

DAY 2 – The storm of attention and ovation

The Congress continued to be extremely interesting. The most discussed topic of the morning was cybersecurity. In its turn, the second part of the day was marked by John Romero, a co-founder of id Software, entering the main stage.

Then his wife Brenda gave a tremendous speech on the significance of women role within the traditionally men-only dominant gaming industry, which was greeted by a wave of applause. After that Mate Rimac, a famous Croatian inventor and entrepreneur, made a real show displaying the major value of developers in the progress of Rimac Automobili company.

There was a cheerful atmosphere of smiles and applause at the lecture. The following informative speech on CSS given by Ada Rose Edwards (Samsung) and Zeev Suraski’s lecture on PHP fascinated the audience too. Finally, the day ended with the panel discussion on the utilization of e-commerce technology for enhancing retail sales.

DAY 3 – “Joel Spolsky Day”

As Joel Spolsky, a famous software engineer and writer, started and ended up the day with two different events having the main word, this day was unofficially named in his honor. Angie Jones’ (Twitter) lecture on different approaches for AI solutions testing is worth mentioning too. While closing the conference, Joel Spolsky performed with his stand-up at the main stage, joking about different congressional themes. Afterward, nearly 300 members of the WeAreDevelopers team made a spectacular parade for all the attendees. There was a lot of fun and confetti representing the conference “curtain fall”.

To finish on a positive note!

During the conference, we met a number of professionals and realized that there are positive changes for future cooperation between European and Ukrainian IT businesses. Not very long ago Europe was off limits to building partnerships in the industry with foreign, in particular Ukrainian, companies. However, due to the quality of Ukrainian developers’ work and their comparative inexpensiveness, more and more cooperative projects are being implemented.

In conclusion, we would like to give special thanks to the organizers and event volunteers for being very helpful and nice. To be honest, we were impressed with the level of the Congress organization.

Thanks to all the speakers for giving us a spark of inspiration to doing what we love the most and it’s all about the conference’s slogan “People. Code. Future” – as we love to meet new People, Code for them and build their prosperous Future.

Looking forward to the WeAreDevelopers Congress 2019!

The End